How to Insert video in PowerPoint 2007

Videos are a great way to liven up a presentation by it giving the audience a break from staring at text. This post will show you what steps should be taken to insert a video in PowerPoint 2007.

To insert a video in PowerPoint 2007

Step 1. Go to the Insert tab

Step 2. Click the Movie icon

Insert video powerpoint

This provides you with 2 options

Insert a Movie from file

The video will be inserted from a file that you have located on your computer

insert a Movie from clip organizer

You will choose from a group of clips that are provided by Microsoft.

After you have chosen the video clip to use, this window will appear

Insert video powerpoint


The video will play as soon as the slide the video is insert on appears.

When Clicked

When the slide with the video appears, the video will not play until you click on it.

Once you selected, the video is inserted and your are done!

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