Grouping Objects in PowerPoint 2007

To work faster, PowerPoint 2007 allows you to group objects such as TextBoxes, Shapes, Images, etc. Whats the point of grouping objects? Grouping allows you to move, resize, add effects multiple objects at once.

1. First select all the objects by holding down CTRL and click each object that you would like to be part of the group

Grouping objects powerpoint 4

2. Go to the Format tab, then click the Group button and select Group.

Grouping objects powerpoint

3. Heres an example of how a group of objects would look like. Notice that instead of having multiple boxes there is simply one.

Grouping objects powerpoint 2

4. To ungroup objects, select the group box , then go to the Format Tab, click Group and select Ungroup.

Grouping objects powerpoint 3

5. Another method of grouping and ungrouping is to right-click the selected objects , go to Group and select group/ungroup

Grouping objects powerpoint 5

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