Insert comments in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint comments are tags that are inserted into your slides at various points in the presentation. The benefit of this is that If you regularly collaborate with others regarding your presentation, key points can be pointed out for review or notes can be kept for as a reminder for the presenter.

To insert a comment in PowerPoint 2007

Go to the Review tab followed by choose the New Comment option

insert comment powerpoint

This will open a new box in which comments can be inserted.

insert comment powerpoint

The comments can be dragged and position anywhere on the slide, by clicking on the position labelled above.

Here are some examples of uses of comments.


insert comment examples


insert comment examples

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Thanks for the tip Meldun. Do you know how may I insert a comment during the presentation, appearing the comment as I put the mouse pointer over an object of the same slide?

Beforehand, thank you very much!


Hey Cristobal!

Hmm to do this you would require 2 Monitors, or Monitor and a Projector, etc.

You would then set your PowerPoint to show the presentation on the secondary monitor. i.e the projector.

After youve done that when you launch the presentation, it will be shown on the projector but on the primary screen, the PowerPoint program will still be available to you. Allowing you to still be able add comments to any slide you choose.

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