How to Rehearse Slide Timings in PowerPoint 2007

Sometimes when creating a PowerPoint Presentation, It can be difficult to choose the right timing to give the presentation a natural, organic flow.

Lucky for us , PowerPoint 2007 has a rehearsal feature that allows the presenter to get a feel for how long the presentation is,  and sets the slide transition timings accordingly based on this.

The way PowerPoint does this, is by going through the presentation along with us. Each time the mouse is clicked to transition an item or slide, the timing can be recorded. This allows the presenter to get a better feel for how long each slide or item should be screen.

This helps to avoid one of the big mistakes of PowerPoint presentations,  spending too much time on one slide and boring the audience because of it!

So lets get right into the tutorial.

This will begin the PowerPoint presentation but now their will be a Rehearsal dialog box.

As you progress through the presentation this dialog box will keep track of how long each slide is displayed. Which is each time you click the mouse or the Next button located in the Rehearsal dialog box.

Once this is done you will be  asked as if you would like to save these timings.


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