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Rotate and Flip objects in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint gives users the ability to rotate and flip objects. Using the Rotate features allows users to rotate an object such as a text box, image, wordart, etc in 90 degree increments or the free form tool can be used to rotate by any increment.

Grouping Objects in PowerPoint 2007

To work faster, PowerPoint 2007 allows you to group objects such as TextBoxes, Shapes, Images, etc. Whats the point of grouping objects? Grouping allows you to move, resize, add effects multiple objects at once.

Insert table into PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint 2007 provides users with a easy way to organize and group information through the use of tables. This tutorial will teach you how to insert a table into PowerPoint 2007.

The PowerPoint 2007 Interface

This tutorial will consist of a quick over view of the locations and features available on the PowerPoint 2007 interface.