Beginner Tutorials

Saving a PowerPoint Presentation

When creating a PowerPoint presentation it is crucial to save your progress and final result. This tutorial will teach you how to do just that.

Insert a Picture in PowerPoint 2007

Today’s PowerPoint tutorial will show you how to add a picture to a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation.

Printing in PowerPoint 2007

Printing in PowerPoint 2007 is a simple and easy process that allows the presenter to print the presentation through a wide range of options.

The PowerPoint 2007 Interface

This tutorial will consist of a quick over view of the locations and features available on the PowerPoint 2007 interface.

How to add slides in PowerPoint

PowerPoint allows you to easily add slides to your presentation.

Insert a Text Box into PowerPoint 2007

A Text box is used to create an area in which a user can insert and manipulate text. To insert a text box in PowerPoint 2007, select the slide that the text box will be inserted.

Change a PowerPoint Slide Layout

Changing the PowerPoint slide Layout is easily done. To do this go to the Home tab then choose Layout, this will open a drop that menu that allows you to choose various types of layouts.

Creating a New PowerPoint Presentation

To create a new PowerPoint presentation go to the Office button located at the top left of the PowerPoint window, and Choose New.

Change PowerPoint background

PowerPoint allows you to change the background of your presentation to reflect personal style, or to appeal to your audience by adding alternate colors, patterns, texture or shading.