How to create Jeopardy in PowerPoint 2007

Today’s Tutorial will show you how to create a Jeopardy game in PowerPoint 2007. This can be used to add some interactivity and a fun spin your presentations.

Lets begin

First you need to create a blank slide with the color background you would like to use.

Now create a table to contain all the necessary information

Next stretch the table so that it fits the PowerPoint slide.

As you can see the table doesn’t match the background, so to give it that jeopardy feel we need to fix this.

Here is a sample of how the the table should look.

Now in each section fill in the necessary information.

At this point you want to create the question slides. On each questions slide there should be 2 text boxes

Go back to the Jeopardy board slide.

This will open a new window.

For example, I want when the presenter clicks History $500 that the this takes them to the question slide “Who was the only US president not elected Present or Vice president?

When this is done Hit OK

Now go to that question slide and select the text box with the category and dollar value. In this case “History 500” . Create a Hyperlink for this text box that when clicked takes you back to the Jeopardy board slide.

The reason for this is when you are on the Jeopardy board slide and click History for $500 it takes you to this question slide. You now need a way to get back to that Jeopardy board slide, and this hyperlink will serve that purpose.

Now for the final step. As we know , during jeopardy when a questions is answered by a contestant that value is removed from the board.

We have to create the illusion that the question has been “removed” from the board. To do this we need to change the color of “Followed Hyperlinks” to match the color of the Jeopardy board.

To do this

This opens a new window. Go down to the Hyperlink and Followed Hyperlink colors.

This means that whenever you select one of the prices on the Jeopardy board. It will become Followed and blend in with the background.

Here is my example. Notice how the History 500 is no longer there…well it is actually there, it just blends with the background.

All done!!!

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I think you should gave a little more detail when your doing the pics

I have put together a Jeopardy powerpoint and followed your directions about how to change the color of a followed hyperlink. The only problem is the color only changes if I go out of the presentation and then back in. Now the colors of the questions I’ve selected change color but not during the presentation. Do you know how I can fix this?


Wow, this was easy!

Once you play the game how do you get the fonts to return to their starting color, in your case yellow?

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