Saving a PowerPoint Presentation

When creating a PowerPoint presentation it is crucial to save your progress and final result. This tutorial will teach you how to do just that.

To save you presentation in the standard format, simply go to the Office Button located at the top left, then choose Save.

saving powerpoint presentation

However to save the presentation in other formats, instead of going to save, go to Save as

saving powerpoint presentation

There are multiple formats that the presentation can be saved as.

PowerPoint Presentation

This is the default format, the presentation will be saved as a PowerPoint 2007 file.

PowerPoint Show

In this format when the PowerPoint file is launched the presentation will automatically start.

PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation

This means that the file will be saved in an older format, increasing the presentations compatibility with older version of PowerPoint.


This format is entirely different from PowerPoint meaning that when the save file is launched, it will be launched in a PDF/XPS viewer. The reason for saving the presentation in this format, is to ensure your printed or viewed file keeps the original formatting.

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