Hide PowerPoint Background Graphics

There are times when the background graphic can become a issue for a presenter.  During the presentation the background graphics may distract the audience or even during printing, may cause some difficulty seeing the slides content. This PowerPoint 2007 tutorial will show you how to remove the background graphics so that these kind of problems […]

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is located above the Microsoft Ribbon. It contains the most commonly used functions to provide you with much more accessibility.

Create a Photo Album in PowerPoint 2007

One of the features of PowerPoint 2007 is the ability to create a Photo album. This allows the presenter to add a sequence images to the presentation and add effects such as captions, layouts, frames , and even themes which opens a even larger window of customization.

How do I loop a PowerPoint presentation?

There are times that you want to have your presentation run unattended, such as at trade shows in which you would give information about a product or service that may be at the show. How do you this? Well the solution is to loop the PowerPoint presentation. This PowerPoint 2007 tutorial shows you how to […]

Automatic slide transition in PowerPoint 2007

This is a short tutorial on how to get your slides to automatically transition between one another without you having to perform any click action.