Printing in PowerPoint 2007

Printing in PowerPoint 2007 is a simple and easy process that allows the presenter to print the presentation through a wide range of options.

This will provide you with 3 options

1. This opens a drop down menu that allows you to choose  which printer to have the presentation printed at.

2 . If you would like to have multiple copies of the presentation this is the option to look for, simply change the Number of copies to the amount that you would like to be printed.
3. This section allows you to be very specific in what you’d like to be printed.

So for example if you would like only the slide currently being viewed, simply Current Slide and hit OK.

Another example is that if you would like to print only slides 1, 5 and 6. Choose Slides and type in the box 1,3,5

4. This is where you decide how you would like the presentation to be printed.

There are 4 options

5. This options allows the user to place frames around the printed slides in Handouts view and also to scale the printout to fit any paper that may be used.

6. This option lets you to take a look at how the printout will look before printing, which is great way to save trees!

Once your satisfied with your options just hit OK and the presentation will be in your hands before you know it.

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