Embed YouTube Video into PowerPoint 2007

I have seen quite a few people interested in how to Embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint. Doing this can be a bit tricky but that is what we are here for.

Today’s tutorial will focus on how to Embed a YouTube video to your presentation.

Lets begin!

Notice that now there is a new addition to your PowerPoint Ribbon, The Developer Tab.

This will open a new window pane. In this window is a list of controls that can be added to the PowerPoint slide. The one we are looking for is called Shockwave Flash Object.

Once you find that option. Hit OK

This will add the Shockwave Flash Object option to the currently PowerPoint slide.

Now there is only one more thing to do and that is to actually add the YouTube video. To do this

This will open a Window that allows you to change various setting, however the main ones that you should focus on are

Loop – Set this option to False. The reason for this is if the value remains at True. When the video is completed, it will begin again, continuing in a endless loop until the presenter switches to the next slide.

Playing – Leaving this option as True means that as soon as the slide is launched the embedded YouTube Video will automatically play. If you want to avoid that change the setting to False

Movie – This is where, the link to the YouTube video should be inserted.


*** You must make these changes to the YouTube link or else it will not work!!!****

**http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hChq5drjQl4** – Video created by Maniactive

So the new link should change from



Then hit OK

Your slide now has the YouTube video embedded!! ENJOY!!

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