Embed YouTube Video into PowerPoint 2007

I have seen quite a few people interested in how to Embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint. Doing this can be a bit tricky but that is what we are here for. Today’s tutorial will focus on how to Embed a YouTube video to your presentation. Lets begin!

Create a Timeline in PowerPoint 2007

A timeline is used to illustration certain milestones that happen through a period of time or different steps in a process. Today’s tutorial shows you how to Create a Basic Timeline in PowerPoint 2007.

How to create Jeopardy in PowerPoint 2007

Today’s Tutorial will show you how to create a Jeopardy game in PowerPoint 2007. This can be used to add some interactivity and a fun spin your presentations. Lets begin

Create a Venn diagram in PowerPoint 2007

A Venn diagram is used to show multiple groups of sets  and the possible relations with one another. This type of information can be important when demonstrating information to viewers via your presentation. So today we will focus on how to create a Venn diagram in PowerPoint 2007.

How to create a PowerPoint 2007 template

PowerPoint 2007 comes with a variety of templates to choose from, but you can also create your template that can be added and access for later use. This is especially useful if you find yourself creating the same style presentation over and over. Follow these steps to create you very own PowerPoint 2007 Template

Insert comments in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint comments are tags that are inserted into your slides at various points in the presentation. The benefit of this is that If you regularly collaborate with others regarding your presentation, key points can be pointed out for review or notes can be kept for as a reminder for the presenter.

Grouping Objects in PowerPoint 2007

To work faster, PowerPoint 2007 allows you to group objects such as TextBoxes, Shapes, Images, etc. Whats the point of grouping objects? Grouping allows you to move, resize, add effects multiple objects at once.

Countdown timer for PowerPoint

This tutorial will teach you how to create you own Countdown timer for PowerPoint 2007

Change PowerPoint background

PowerPoint allows you to change the background of your presentation to reflect personal style, or to appeal to your audience by adding alternate colors, patterns, texture or shading.

Play sound across multiple slides in PowerPoint 2007

To add sound to play across all slides first you need to insert the sound into Powerpoint on your first slide.  After the sound has been inserted click the sound icon, then follow the steps below.

Hide a slide in PowerPoint 2007

In PowerPoint 2007, Perhaps there is a slide in the presentation that may be incomplete or a slide that may not be suited for a specific audience. Is there a way to hide a slide in PowerPoint, rather than the alternative of deleting? Yes there is. There are 2 ways to hide a slide in […]

How to crop an image in PowerPoint 2007

Cropping an image in PowerPoint 2007 is quick and easy, once the image is inserted into the presentation, follow these steps.

How to record narration in PowerPoint 2007

Recording narration in PowerPoint is great feature for PowerPoint 2007 that allows you to add a personal recording to a slide, this is perfect for times when the presenter will not be present. This method allows you to grasp the audience attention, and can separated a great PowerPoint presentation from an amazing one. Important: To […]