How do I loop a PowerPoint presentation?

There are times that you want to have your presentation run unattended, such as at trade shows in which you would give information about a product or service that may be at the show.

How do you this? Well the solution is to loop the PowerPoint presentation. This PowerPoint 2007 tutorial shows you how to do just that.

Step 1. Go to menu bar and click on Slide show
Step 2. Click Set up Slide show

Loop a powerpoint presentation 1

Step 3. Check the loop continuously option. This means that when the end of the presentation is reached the next slide will be the first slide of your presentation.

Loop a powerpoint presentation 2

Hit OK

Important: Make sure that your slide animations and transitions are set to automatic, if it’s not; your slide will loop but will require you to perform mouse clicks.

If you’re not sure how to have your slides automatically transition between one another

Step 1. Go to the Animations tab
Step 2. Tick the Automatically after option, then type in how long you would like for the slide to be shown before the transitioning to the next.
Step 3. click Apply to All, this will make ALL your slides transition automatically based on how much time you choose in step 2.

Automatic Slide transition

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I can not stress enough how helpful this link was.
Thank you so much.
You made it so simple and erased a headache that has been stressing me for a long time!

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