Change the default font in PowerPoint 2007

In PowerPoint 2007, whenever you add a new text box the text is defaulted to Calibri, font size: 18. This makes it difficult for users that want to add their own style to their presentation because each time you add a text box you will need to manually change the font type and size.  This can become tedious.

Is there a way around this? Of course there is!

Insert the text box into the slide and format that text box the way you want ALL future text boxes to be formatted . After you’ve done that follow these steps.

Step 1. Right click the border of the text box
Step 2. This will open a new menu. Choose the Set as Default text box option

Change default font powerpoint

The properties of this text box will be applied to all text boxes you make in the future, but will not be applied to text boxes already created.

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That method for selecting fonts has been posted for quite a while. You have to redo this for each new presentation. Also, PP treats text in text boxes and in shapes differently, so you need to do that for both. What I’d like to find is a way to permanently change the default font in PP. Isn’t there some setting that allows someone to say that, for example, Tamoha 28 point font is the default?

Hmm the way I would suggest handling this is to make a new template. You can go to the slide master and change the default font to Tamoha 28, and also set what you want the default size of shapes and images to be.

You then save the PowerPoint as a design template, after youve done that. You would then set that template as the default template, so that when PP starts it will use that template with all the changes you wanted.

Hope that helps!

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