How to record narration in PowerPoint 2007

Recording narration in PowerPoint is great feature for PowerPoint 2007 that allows you to add a personal recording to a slide, this is perfect for times when the presenter will not be present. This method allows you to grasp the audience attention, and can separated a great PowerPoint presentation from an amazing one.

Important: To record a narration, your microphone must be plugged in.

Step 1. Go to the Insert tab

Step 2. Click the Sound icon

Step 3. Choose Record Sound

Record narration powerpoint

Step 1. in this step, change the defaultĀ  name to one of your choosing. When the narration is complete this will be the name it will be saved as.

Step 2. This button activates the recording

Step 3. This step is optional but recommended, this button allows you to preview the recording. When you are satisfied, Hit OK.

Record narration powerpoint 2

sound icon A sound icon will appear in the slide, that can be set to play the narration when clicked or automatically.

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