Hide a slide in PowerPoint 2007

In PowerPoint 2007, Perhaps there is a slide in the presentation that may be incomplete or a slide that may not be suited for a specific audience. Is there a way to hide a slide in PowerPoint, rather than the alternative of deleting? Yes there is.

There are 2 ways to hide a slide in PowerPoint 2007.

Method 1

Step 1. In the pane located at the left, Right click the slide you would like to hide

Step 2. Go to the hide slide option

Hide slide in PowerPoint

Method 2

First in the task pane to the left, choose the slide you want to hide.

Step 1. Go to the slide show tab

Step 2. Choose hide slide

Hide slide in PowerPoint 2

In both versions when the steps are completed the slide will become grayed out and the number at the left of the slide will be crossed out symbolizing that this slide is hidden. If you would like to undo the hide slide, repeat the steps and the slide will be unhidden

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