Play sound across multiple slides in PowerPoint 2007

To add sound to play across all slides first you need to insert the sound into Powerpoint on your first slide.  After the sound has been inserted click the sound icon, then follow the steps below.

Step 1. Go to the newly appeared Options tab, below Sound tools

Step 2. Set the Play sound to Play across slides.

Step 3. This step is incase your presentation runs longer than the sound. If it does the sound will be looped and start from the beginning.
Insert sound powerpoint

Your all done.

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How do set up multiple sounds that each loop accross multiple slides?

For instance clip 1 loops 3 times accross slides 1 to 12.
Then clip 2 loops 2 times accross slides 13 to 20.

The sounds should fade out and fade in during the transitions.

You can not make the sounds fade in and out, that has to be modified outside of PPT.

You can insert the sound in slide 1. Make sure you set the sound to “Loop across slides” and “loop until stopped”.

Then go to custom animations
Right click the sound effect
Go to Effect Options
Set “Stop Playing” to 13 Slides

Insert Clip 2 in slide 13 and repeat the steps.

Looping exactly 3 times while playing across slides? As far as I know there is no specific PPT option for this. It can be done but it’s bitttttt more trickier cause your gonna need to create multiple sounds with different delays to create the illusion of looping.

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