How to create PowerPoint motion path

One of the features of PowerPoint is the abilty to create a motion path. A motion path is simply a path an object follows as it goes from Point A to Point B.

First select the object that you would like the PowerPoint motion path to be applied to.

Step 1. Go to the Animations Tab

Step 2. Click Custom AnimationCreate Motion Path PowerPoint

This will open a new section called Custom Animation located at the right side of the PowerPoint presentation.

There are preset motion paths that can be chosenĀ  or a motion path can be completely customized.

Create Motion Path PowerPoint 2

After a path selection you will be able to apply that path to the object. Below are some examples of what the path will look like.

Note: The lines will not appear on the slide

Custom Path – Line

Create Line Motion Path

Custom Path – Scribble

Create Scribble Motion Path

To see the motion path in action, click play located below the Custom Animation Task pane.

Your done! The PowerPoint motion path is now part of the presentation

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