Countdown timer for PowerPoint

This tutorial will teach you how to create you own Countdown timer for PowerPoint 2007

In this section you deal with the position in which you would like the countdown timer to be placed, the font, style and general look of the timer.

For the this tutorial I decided to keep it simple, making it easier to follow

Step 1. Go to the Insert tab

Step 2. Choose Text Box

Step 3. Select the Text Box position

.Countdown timer PowerPoint 1

Step 4. Go to the Animations Tab

Step 5. Choose Custom Animation

Countdown timer PowerPoint 2

Step 6. Choose a Exit effect

I choose the Box effect but it doesn’t matter what is chosen its personal preference

Step 7. Change the time located in the Automatically After section

The amount of time you want to place here is seconds, so for example in this case I put 1second. What this means is every second the slide will switch to a new slide.

Why is this important? You will see as we continue

Countdown timer PowerPoint 3

The next step is to duplicate the original slide 5 times. The reasoning for this is each slide represents one second of the countdown so 5 – 4- 3- 2- 1.

Countdown timer PowerPoint 3

After you have duplicated the slides, make sure the first slide’s text box has the largest number then change the number in the text box for the other slides so that it counts down.

In this case my first slide text box contains 05 and the following has 04, then 03, and so forth.

After youve done this your countdown timer is done. Go ahead give it a try. You can experiment with other backgrounds, transition, etc to see which best fits you.

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Yes…effective and easy but does not work well if you need a 2 hour countdown…

very very effective i love this

simple and easy. very effective.

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