Intermediate Tutorials

How to Insert video in PowerPoint 2007

Videos are a great way to liven up a presentation by it giving the audience a break from staring at text. This post will show you what steps should be taken to insert a video in PowerPoint 2007.

Insert slide number in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint slide numbers can be useful as a reference for the Presenter and even the Audience. This tutorial will teach you how to Insert slide numbers in PowerPoint.

Insert Footer in PowerPoint 2007

A footer can be used to add information to the bottom of your PowerPoint presentation slide or slides, such as presenters name, company,  file name and more. To insert a footer into a PowerPoint 2007 presentation, follow these steps.

Hide a slide in PowerPoint 2007

In PowerPoint 2007, Perhaps there is a slide in the presentation that may be incomplete or a slide that may not be suited for a specific audience. Is there a way to hide a slide in PowerPoint, rather than the alternative of deleting? Yes there is. There are 2 ways to hide a slide in […]

How to crop an image in PowerPoint 2007

Cropping an image in PowerPoint 2007 is quick and easy, once the image is inserted into the presentation, follow these steps.

How to record narration in PowerPoint 2007

Recording narration in PowerPoint is great feature for PowerPoint 2007 that allows you to add a personal recording to a slide, this is perfect for times when the presenter will not be present. This method allows you to grasp the audience attention, and can separated a great PowerPoint presentation from an amazing one. Important: To […]

Custom Animation in Powerpoint

A custom animation is group of effects that can be added to an object in PowerPoint. In this tutorial we will show you how add a custom animation to your PowerPoint presentation.

Insert an Excel worksheet into PowerPoint 2007

To insert a New Excel worksheet into PowerPoint, go to the slide you like to insert the worksheet into then follow these steps.

How do I loop a PowerPoint presentation?

There are times that you want to have your presentation run unattended, such as at trade shows in which you would give information about a product or service that may be at the show. How do you this? Well the solution is to loop the PowerPoint presentation. This PowerPoint 2007 tutorial shows you how to […]

Compress images in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint presentations can be larger than expected at times, especially ones that include many photos and images. At times like this reducing the size of the images is a good idea. This reduces the size of your presentation, making it easier to email, and easier for computers to run. So let’s get started!

How do I add password protection to PowerPoint?

Let’s say you’re in a situation where your computer is access by multiple people and would like to protect your presentation from being viewed by others, password protection for your PowerPoint is the way to go. So how do you password protect a Presentation?

Embed sound in PowerPoint 2007

To embed sound into PowerPoint 2007, the sound file has to be in a “.WAV” format and not “.MP3”. If it is an mp3 file, the file will be linked rather than embedded. PowerPoint has no way to perform this conversion so to convert your .mp3 to a .wav file you will need a sound […]